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Ripped Oatmeal Pancake

This photo represents my  EVERYDAY!!!

For the last 7 years, I can honestly say that THIS photo has been my staple  MEAL ONE for 90% of the time………………

THIS, friends is my OATMEAL PANCAKE, and she really has MANY faces……

The base is always the same:

1/4C oats – Women
1/2C oats – Men
2-3 egg whites
dash Chia seeds
dash Cinnamon
2 inches worth of mashed banana
+ 1 heaping Tbsp spoon of your choice of “WET” ingredient

Now, where things get CRAZY….. is with the addition of the “WET”
WET ingredients come in many different forms…….. examples are:

-Pureed Pumpkin
-Cottage Cheese
-0% fat Greek yogurt ( i chose plain)
-Unsweetened Apple sauce
-coconut milk


1/4C oats
dash cinnamon + Chia seeds + tsp Maca
2 inches mashed banana
1 HEAPING Tbsp Pumpkin (or greek yogurt is a close second)
2 egg whites
AANNNNND when I’m really feeling good I’ll toss in a sprinkle of CAROB CHIPS……

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  2. MG

    It looks great but how do you cook it? Do you do everything in the first list then add the wet ingredient on top, like in the photo? Or add that into the mixture before cooking, then top with something else?

    I am really looking for new healthy recipes so I’d appreciate some clarification. :) LOVE the site!

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