Eat It. Watch It. Skip It

Open any fridge in North America and you will likely find what looks like a million condiment jars lining the door and framing the back of the top shelf.

My room-mate and I ( well mostly her…;) have a bad habit of buying a jar of salsa, or pesto, or mustard or any other form of condiment, forgetting we bought it, and then buying more. Our fridge looks like a condiment superstore sometimes, all of which are half  used.


These delicious little guys can often do more harm than good, so be aware of what you are buying, and exactly how much of each you are using.

Some of the most common culprits are :


MAYO : 2 Tbsp will run you 120 calories !!! That’s JUST the mayo, you haven’t even put it on anything yet…

SOUR CREAM : 2 Tbsp 50-70 calories and 6g fat ( 3.5 of which are saturated) for such low calories, the fat count is much too high.

KETCHUP : Basically red sugar – It seems like an okay option as there are only 29 calories in 2 Tbsp, but be aware of where the calories are coming from… Sugar will be stored by your body as fat. Who want’s that??

GUACAMOLE : Although high in heart healthy fats, it is WAY too easy to overeat this baby.

Keeping your serving to 2 Tbsp gives you 50 calories and 4g fat.



SALSA : With only 9 calories per 2 Tbsp you can basically fill your bowl with this stuff!! ( I don’t recommend actually doing that though )

MUSTARD : With big flavor and very little calories to be concerned with this is a great option. 2 Tbsp has 10 calories and 1 g fat


I am on a big cashew kick lately and am loving this recipe from


Be mindful of the “little” things that seem innocent, as they add up… quickly!


Have a beautiful delicious day


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