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I have decided to try something new with my nutritional plan……. I AM GOING RAW!!!!


* Enzyme packed ( the more enzymes we eat, the less illness, disease, digestive problems etc)

*Nutrient dense ( food has its highest level of nutrients in its pure state, in this case…raw)

* Low levels of Trans and Saturated fats as well as cholesterol

* Toxin FREE ( heat can cause food to release toxins such as free radicals)

* Detoxification

* General health ( by avoiding the added CRAP of regular food, the toxins of high heat, We can live a much healthier life)


Now I’m not changing every meal into a raw meal, as I feel like I would starve and really miss the protein, especially with the amount of training I do.

Tonight I started this challenge with a raw dinner….and it was DELICIOUS!!! 


This meal could of course be lunch, but I recommend using dinner as your first few raw meals, as you require less energy ( calories) at night. We use the most calories early on and mid day as we are working and being active, and so a raw meal during this time will likely cause you to feel hungry shortly after.


I found this recipe online ( No I did NOT create this magical feast… but once I have a base understanding of how to make this work, TRUST me I’ll be playing in the kitchen  for days)

I found this beauty on




Spiralized zucchini noodles  (I just used a regular cheese grater and grated length wise on the peeled zucchini)

Chopped carrot

Sugar snap peas

Baby tomatoes, halved

Fresh shredded basil

A small handful of chopped, sun-dried tomatoes

**Measurements are really up to you**

To make the pasta, peel your zucchini first ( I used 3 medium sized and fed 4 people)

If you have a vegetable spiralizer, use that, I just used a cheese grater to make long skinny “noodles”

Clean and chop your other vegetables to desired amount, and mix together.



1 ¼ cup soaked cashews ( I soaked mine for 3 hours)
¾ cup water
1 tsp Honey
1/3 cup lemon juice
½ tsp sea salt
1 tsp miso paste ( found in the chilled tofu section)

**I used a Vita Mix, but a high speed blender or food processor would work also**


Blend all the sauce ingredients until SMOOTH, adding water if needed for a lighter texture. ( I kept mine thick)

Pour on top of the ‘pasta’ and toss thouroughly….ENJOY!!!

If you want to try incorporating raw into your nutritional plan, start with dinner:)


Eat Clean, Train Hard, Drink Water, Smile and Love



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