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Workin It Out

Friday’s are my make shift workout and some of my favorite workout routines….. I plug my headphones in, plan my base moves and just GO. I go until either I run out of time or I am completely exhausted…

What you will need for this workout :

Squat Rack with Barbell ( If you do not have this, use any weight you have that is challenging for 8 squats)

Bench or Box for jumping

Chin Up bar ( you can use the squat rack for this)


Here’s your workout… Have fun!!

SIX SETS OF THE FOLLOWING with a full rest at the end of each set.


CHIN UPS – as many as you can- You can use assistance bands or try jumping chin ups as you tire


15 V UPS



If you are a beginner or do not have the ability to Front squat with a barbell simply do regular squats ( if weights if possible)

If chin ups are too challenging you can do a few things. You can jump to the bar and just practice holding or even lifting just as much as you can. You can also do Bent over Row with Dumb bells or barbell

If you do not have a box or bench for box jumps, simply do squat jumps. If you are a beginner, you can begin with basic squats.

If V ups are new to you or for whatever reason you are unable to perform them, simply do sit ups / crunches or reverse crunches.


WORK TO YOUR 110% and OWN IT, whatever  your level You are awesome

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