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Ripped Ab Routine

Good Morning Ripped Nation!

I hope you are ready for an ab session which will pop your beautiful abs on your way to getting ready for the wonderful summer days.

I wanted to bring you a really cool variation from a friend of mine. Dennis runs a great site called with some dynamic training.

I asked Dennis to put a workout together for you The Ripped Nation, so he has turned it up a notch.

Over to you Dennis… the Nation awaits.

Crazy Core Strength And Endurance Workout

Several years ago, my good friend Levi and myself came up with a workout that is now known as ‘TIVXL.’ Since the time of its birth, it has only grown into one of the best ab workouts of it kind.

So when Kyla asked me to provide her and her readers with an ab workout, I knew exactly where I was going to turn.

TIXVL is a workout that is designed to build your core endurance and strength, and targets all three abdominal areas: upper and lower abs, and obliques.

Each letter in its name stands for a different ab exercise, as you will see in the video below. Before getting started, however, be sure to choose a fitness level that fits your needs.

The levels for this workout include:

Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite.

The level you choose will determine the amount of reps you will do on each exercise.

-Intermediate will do 8-10 reps per exercise
-Advanced will do 12-15 reps per exercise
-And the Elite group will do 20 reps per exercise

Over time, your goal is to get to Elite status!

Now that you have chosen you repetition range for each exercise, follow along with the video below to get your first round done:

Workout Breakdown:

Here is what your ab workout will look like if you follow exactly how it was done in the video:

T: 20 reps
I: 20 reps
V: 20 reps
X: 20 reps
L: 20 reps
One you are finished with round one, rest 30-60 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times!

You won’t want to do this workout for more than 2-3 rounds. Your abs will be begging for no more by the end of round one 

I appreciate you letting me share this with you today, enjoy!

Author Bio:

About Dennis Heenan

Dennis Heenan is the author of, and fitness and fat loss expert who specializes in creating workouts and nutrition plans that allow men and women to develop the lean, toned “superhero” look.

Dubbed, “The Workout Wizard” because of the crazy workouts he comes up with, Dennis is constantly creating new and innovative workout styles to help produce faster results, while keeping workout time to a minimum.

To learn more about him, visit Keep on burning!

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