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Quit focusing on your 10%

I was having a conversation with a client last week about an upcoming date she had with her mom. They were going for “high tea” on the weekend and she was feeling preemptively nervous about the food they would be serving.

Do you know what High Tea is??

It’s a very ENGLISH thing, with small bites and tea. The “bites” are typically small sandwiches, pastries and desserts.

This client in particular comes into the gym at 6 am EVERY day to get her cardio in, she then shows up to her personal training sessions or boot camp in the evenings and eats a diet that is VERY structured and clean.

We so often focus on what we can’t do, or what we did wrong. What we don’t have or what we never said.

Rarely do we celebrate what we CAN DO, what we DID RIGHT, what we HAVE and what we SAID.

It’s always the case…When someone cuts Us down or says something negative to Us, We hold onto that and remember it like it was engraved into our memory wall.

When someone compliments us, we rarely take it seriously, typically have a quick response as to why it isn’t true and then quickly forget it was ever said.


You are Amazing

I have been guilty of this my whole life.

When my mom used to tell me I was pretty I told her she was only saying that because she was my mom and she had to.

And I believed that, no matter how much she would tell me  otherwise.

Even today my best friend will tell me I’m smart and my immediate reaction is that She’s smarter.

It is so important to recognize who you are and what you have to offer. Every single thing you do or don’t do is exactly perfect.

It is SO important that we learn to celebrate all of our good. Every workout, every healthy meal, every compliment paid, every compliment given, every good deed done, every day of work, every single thing you do is worth recognizing.


Our life is made up of moments, we all know this.

We layer moments upon moments to create a story line, so why on earth would we focus on the anything other than our great moments?

Nothing is meant to be perfect, that in itself is what makes life so amazing.

We are designed to mess up from time to time, on everything. It’s how we learn and how we grow. It’s how we evolve into ourselves.

Our imperfect yet incredible selves.

What I am trying to say is simple.


Focus on your 90% rather than your 10%.
We are BOUND to slip up, in diet, our workouts, our social life or our romantic lives. Pay no attention. Instead celebrate the good, there is much more of that anyway.

Live your best, do your best be your best 90% of the time… and then…

Enjoy some “High Tea”, a girls night, guys night, date night, family night, pizza night, wine night…. Whatever it is that YOU want to indulge in for 10% of the time.

You are amazing.



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