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Protein – Will it make me GAIN weight or LOSE weight??

As a trainer I hear so many funny MYTHS about Protein powders, but these myths are what a lot of people base their beliefs on and it’s very important that we clear them up.


MYTH #1- Protein will make me gain weight

When I ask why they think that, there really has never been an answer.

It’s always, “Well I don’t know, that’s just what I thought” or “ Well all the big huge guys take protein”




OK first things first…. You don’t “take” protein, you eat it or you drink it.

Protein is one of the 3 Major Nutrients our body needs in order to survive, not including water of course.

Protein plays an incredibly important role in the body and is MANDATORY for  not only basic health, but more so, muscle repair recovery and growth.

If you are reading this blog, you likely participate in physical activities, and your need for protein is even MORE than  those who aren’t physically active.

The ONLY situation in which protein will make one “GAIN WEIGHT” is when it is included in a WHOLE nutrition program designed for muscle gains paired with a heavy-duty strength training program.  This nutrition program includes Carbohydrates, Un Saturated plant-based Fats AND lean proteins.

So the “weight” gained will be lean muscle mass, which is EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT!!!!  So yessssss eat your protein!!!

MYTH #2- Protein will make me lose weight.

Well protein ITSELF will not make you lose weight, BUT the result in strength training, and eating a balanced diet which INCLUDES the appropriate amount of Protein will result in a lower body fat percentage and a higher lean mass percentage, which again IS WHAT WE WANT!!!


Protein is not some miracle food or some “bad” food but instead a mandatory nutrient in leading a healthy balanced life.

NOW, the various sources of protein is where I believe people get confused. The reason people think of it as a non food is due to it being sold in powder form in supplement stores with labels such as ISOLATE, CONCENTRATE, SLOW RELEASE, CASEIN and so on. This becomes confusing and takes the FOOD part of it out of the equation.

The reason protein powders are so popular is simply because they are QUICK, EASY and EFFECTIVE.

Nobody has time to cook 8 chicken breasts a day…… I don’t anyway, and if YOU do, please make a pit stop at my house:)

A Whey Protein Isolate is one of the cleanest forms of protein and quickest to be absorbed into the body and thusly be readily available for its original purpose which is muscle repair and recovery.

Granted there may be allergies and a whey protein might not be your ideal choice. In this case there are many other options including plant-based proteins, soy , rice and even meat protein ( yup in powder form)

My suggestion to you is to determine YOUR personal daily requirements in ALL major nutrients. You may need to speak with a local nutritionist or trainer if you are unsure how to find this number.

Once you have these numbers, head down to your local supplement store and ask for the BEST Protein supplement they have for your needs.

I am lucky enough to be supported by an incredible Canadian Supplement Company and my favorite choice for the last 5 years has been

Magnum Nutraceuticals.

Voted Best supplement Company of 2011-  The products, including their LACTOSE and GLUTEN FREE slow release Whey Isolate Protein QUATTRO are all top of the line pharmaceutical grade products.

Check them out here, free shipping of orders over $100 with promo code Kyla20% 

Happy Supplementing ~

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    1. Benson

      this questions seems stupid and silly……

  2. Pallab

    Very nice articl can u plz advice what is he proper time to drink it. I am using Allmax Isoflex (WPI) . Also advice me is it correct to have it before going to sleep. My goal is to make muscle alongwith loosing some fat outnof my body..
    Extra advice needed : is it good to do weight traning in 2 times a day for 1hour (morning & evening) I do this.

  3. Pallab

    Thankyou sooo much Kyla for ur advice. Thanks again.

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  5. Kiara Garcia

    I’m just a skinny girl trying to gain weight because just eating food isn’t helping . So my question is will eas lean 15 protein powder help me gain weight ? And if so how ?

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