Nutritional Information

Training your butt off daily, pre planning your food each day, ensuring you have sufficient amounts of water everywhere you go….. DAYS GET TOUGH!

I’m with ya!!!

And what often seems TOUGHER is holding down a social life and enjoying the company of friends and family out on the town…..

Here a a few tips to ensure you stay on track WHILE having a fabulous time!!


  • Research your destination- If you know the restaurant prior to arriving you have the advantage of scanning the online menu.
  • Look for items that are STEAMED, BROILED, BAKED as opposed to FRIED. And always avoid the BATTERED items.
  • Opt for double vegetables in place of the rice or potato
  • If getting toast, ask for it DRY, and try Sourdough, Whole Grain or Rye in place of regular white.
  • If getting an egg dish, ask for EGG WHITES instead ( Although the nutrients in the yolk ARE important, save it for at home where you can control the amount and stick to just ONE. ( If the restaurant is extra kind, you can ask for 1 egg and the remainder just whites)
  • Chose your fats wisely! We DO need fats, but the right ones and only a small amount. ** Salads for instance may have cashews, avocado and feta….. mmmmm sounds delicious… and although the three fats listed are HEALTHY fats… you only need ONE Of them, so pick your favorite and ask for none of the others.
  • Dressing on the side ALWAYS, no matter what it is…… Salad, Rice bowl etc…..
  • Eat S~L~O~W~L~Y….. alternate bites with water….. Restaurant food is already heavier than home cooked, and the speed at which society eats is too fast ( ME INCLUDED) so slow down and allow the water to help fill your belly so you don’t over eat.
  • Say NO to an appetizer…. its unnecessary, unless you are doing TAPA’S….. if you are planning on eating a meal, an appy will simply add an extra 200-800 extra calories to your day.
  • Ask a friend to share with you!!
  • Getting a burger??? Ask for no bun, or simply take the top bun off and use your knife and fork to minimize your carb intake.
  • DRINKING?? Avoid the fruity sugary mixes, stick to a water or soda based cocktail, or light beer or wine ( Leave the shots to the amateurs;)
  • If you simply can NOT say no to dessert, ask for enough forks for the table and share!!! Thats what friends are for anyway!!!

~If you are using your dining experience as your ‘cheat meal’ then make sure YOU get to chose the location and that its really WORTH it to you…….

Do NOT feel guilty, if this has been planned and you have given it your all this week both in the kitchen AND gym, you well deserve it, so DIG IN:)

Here’s another killer Tidbit of information

Becoming RIPPED is not a quick fix!

Remaining RIPPED is not a part time job!

Living RIPPED is a way of life!

Muscular development does require some sweat and time in the gym….. but without proper nutrition both PRE / POST training as well as throughout the day, you will have much stronger success on shedding the unwanted body fat surrounding those RIPPED muscles.


Keeping in mind that each person is going to be different, each individual will require slightly more or less of something, and at different times of the day or night depending on their work schedule, training schedule and fitness goals.

What I’d like to go over are the BASICS of Ripped Nutrition.

  • The more active you are the more calories you require – STOP STARVING YOURSELVES
  • Water is beyond crucial!!! Aim to drink 2-3 Liters daily ~We can hold anywhere from 3-10 lbs in water weight if we dehydrate ourself regularly…..This looks PUFFY!!! NOT RIPPED!!
  • You will eat every 3 hours from the time you wake up, stopping about 2 hours before bed ( *In a muscle BUILDING phase, you will likely have an extra protein post dinner*)
  • Each meal or snack will have a small amount of EACH Essential Nutrient ( Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat)
  • Eat fat to lose fat!! I’M SERIOUS, stop the fat free crap! Simply start eating the RIGHT FATS!!!!!!!! ( fish oils, flax oil, omega 3’s, nuts and seeds, avocado, coconut ……. AVOID ANIMAL FATS!!!!!
  • Supplemet accordingly to your goals and needs ( the basic supplementation that I as a Personal Trainer will always advise clients to incorporate are a high quality Greens, a Fish Oil and a high quality Whey Protein – We will go into details on which brand I recommend later)
  • Carbohydrates FUEL us, not only physically but mentally, DO NOT GO CARBLESS!!!!
  • Proteins repair and regrow damaged and growing muscles, ALWAYS follow a workout with 25 g protein for women, and up to 60g for men ( This is a tyipcal scopp of whey, or two scoops for men)
  • How much Protein do I need?? A general rule of thumb is 1 g per pound of body weight…. *Keep in mind, the more muscle you have and the harder you are training, the more this number goes up*
  • How much Carbohydrates do I need? Again this will range depending on style of training, and specific goals, but a general rule is about 50-60% of your daily calories. For someone on a 2000 calorie / day plan you will be aiming for 1000- 1200 calories of carbs which equats to 200- 300 g.
  • How much Fat do I need? Typically keeping the fat to about 15% of your total daily calories. Based again on a 2000 calorie day, your looking at 33 g for the day. Remembering what was mentioned before…. CHOSE WISELY on your fat choices!!

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