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Motivation Monday March14,2016

How much sleep are you getting a night?

Much like water is essential for our body’s to function at even a base level, let alone an advanced or elite level, SLEEP is among the top three tools in reaching higher levels of health, happiness and success.

The dream number for MAJORITY of society is 7 hours.
With a dreamy wonderful 7+ hours each night you are looking at ;

An improved memory
Years added to your life ( studies show the difference among those who live past 79 have practiced getting 7+ hours a night of sleep)
A curb in inflammation, which is the leading cause of disease and ailments
An enhanced level of creativity
An improvement in brain function, from simple tasks to advanced
Sharpened attention
Lower stress levels, lack of sleep raises our cortisol levels ( Cortisol is the fat storing hormone)
Helps alleviate depression

Change habits that keep you up at night.
Turning your phone and television off 30-60 minutes before bed is one of the best habits you (and myself) can incorporate towards ensuring we wind down and get to bed earlier.

A great product that I use to help hold me in a nice deep sleep and leaves me with NO GROGGY feelings in the morning is called G SPRING, by Magnum Nutraceuticals
You can order yours online with a 20% discount using code: Kyla20%Gagnon

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