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Motivation Monday, March 7 2016

Do you have a power circle?

A group or community of support and inspiration that you can draw energy from?
Friends? Family? Training partner? Anybody that you feel excited to be around and learn from?

Motivation comes easiest when you are feeling full of possibilities, full of love and full of support. It’s hard to fail when you’ve got a community of supporters backing your every step.

Hard work is what it takes to reach any goal, YES but hard work doesn’t have to be done as a solo mission, in fact when it comes to your health and fitness journey I very much believe that you need to incorporate as many “helpers” as possible.
You will have days where all you want to do is say F&%k it and give it all up. There will be days when the gym is literally the last place in the WORLD you want to be, or counting ONE MORE MACRO feels like the equivelant of climbing the empire state building. Life finds her way to jump in the way as a challenge and it’s sometimes really easy to let it, if you are alone, with no community to support and lift you through these moments.
Those who love us see us in a different light than we typically see ourselves. They see what we are capable of ALWAYS while we tend to focus more on what we CAN’T do.

Surround yourself with people who love and believe in you for the moments you need someone too.
Don’t be afraid to call on them when you are having a downer day,it’s a built in live motivational speaker.

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