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Motivation Monday March 21,2016

For whatever reason I have had my back up against Zumba, for….ever. with no real reason. I admit this is ridiculous and I apologize to those of you who love Zumba.
If it helps I had my ass handed to me in a Zumba class Saturday as part of STRONG CAMP ( which, ladies is held all over North America and you should look in to going, what an amazing weekend) Anyway it was the final workout in Day 1, and I wanted to leave early.
Instead my girlfriends Erin, Holly and Heidi and I took front row and for 45 minutes had….
THE BEST TIME EVER!!!! OMGOSH it’s so fun. SO FUN, and so hard lol.
I was DRENCHED in sweat and out of breath trying to keep up with this incredible woman leading the class.
Sooooo in short my Motivation for you, and myself, is to step out of your bubble, your comfort zone and try something new. Try something you think isn’t “for” you.
Zumba pleasnantly surprised me, and you might catch me in class some day:)

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