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Kyla’s Fitness Challenge #18 ~ Six Pack

Fitness Challenge #18:


10 minutes timed AB BLASTER

Set your timer for 10 rounds of 50 / 10

Chose your TEN core moves OR use MINE:

Stability Ball Extended Reverse Crunch

Stability Ball Leg Drop

Stability Ball V up Wood Choppers

Reverse Obblique Crunch


Mermaid Abs (L)

Mermaid Abs (R)

Double Crunch


Alternating Toe Touch Sit up


#1 Extended Reverse Crunch with Stability Ball:

Hold the ball between your FEET

Perform a regular Reverse Crunch, HOWEVER lift up further and try to touch the ball behind your head on the floor **** NOTE, if you have neck problems DO NOT PERFORM EXTENDED REVERSE CRUNCH***

#2 Leg Drop with Ball:

Holding ball between feet, rest your hands on teh floor slightly tucked under your bum cheecks, allowing yoru tail bone to remain FLAT on the floor, abd engaged.

Drop the legs allowing the ball to tap the floor, and raise back up

#3 V up Wood Chopper:

Hold the ball in your hands, lay on your back raise feet off the floor.
Perform a full elevated foot Sit up, ball up towards ceiling.

At the tip of yoru sit up drop the ball to the left sife next to your hip and then up and over to the right .

Lay back down keeping the feet up, repeat

#4 Reverse Oblique Crunch:

Laying on your back legs raised up, fingers at your ears, elbows out. Perform a regular reverse crunch, however you are twisting slightly, bringing your RIGHT elbow to the OUTSIDE of your LEFT knee.

Hips back down and repeat on the other side. (THIS IS A BURNER!!!)

#5 Plank:

Elbows on the floor beneath your shoudlers, legs extended out behind you, core engaged.

Hold steady for the whole time

#6 Mermaid Abs :

Lay on your right side, right arm extended out over head, Holding your head up with your left hand.

Cross your BOTTOM ankle over your top (right ankle on top)

Roll slightly OFF your hip bone onto your bum cheek.

Raise your mermaid tail, and drop it back down…repeat

#7 (same as above, other side)

#8 Double Crunch :

Today a client re named this the WOOD BUG lol and it’s so perfect…

On your back, bring your finger tips to your ears and elbows out, legs raised for a reverse crunch.

Perform a reverse crunch WHILE crunching in at the same time. Wrap your elbows AROUND your knees. Folding in like a wood bug!!

#9: Plank

#10 Alternating Toe Touch Sit Up:

Begin on your back knees bent feet on the floor.

Lift your right leg, reach up in a full sit up and touch your toes

Alternate legs EACH sit up

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