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Kicking Ass and Taking Names – 30 min AMRAP

Today was our first filming of 2014, and it was my current FAVORITE workout.


I first did this workout LAST weekend, and … well to be quite honest, almost threw up a few times. HAHAHA
No, I was not hung over from the Christmas festivities, it’s just that THAT HARD

What you will need for this workout:

Chin Up Bar

1 Weight ( I used 25 lbs )

Barbell ( or a Dumbbell will also work)

The workout is an AMRAP ( As many rounds as possible) in 30 minutes.

I got through 8 full rounds and half way through in the last few minutes.


10 SNATCHES PER ARM (Be sure to watch the explanation please:)




10 V UPS

*Rest when you need to, learn when to push and when to slow down.

I took about 40-60 seconds between each round and I needed it.


With the start of the new year, naturally comes the desire to “better ourselves”.

What have you been meaning to do differently?
Have you set up new years resolutions?
Perhaps existing resolutions from throughout last year?

Mine, is to do more YOGA.

I love yoga, and everything it stands for. I love how my body feels after yoga.

I love how my mind feels after yoga, and I miss that.

Please I ask that you check in with me throughout the year and keep me ON TARGET for my 2014 goal, and if you need the same, I am happy to do so:)

Happy 2014 to You all

~xo Ky

7 responses to “Kicking Ass and Taking Names – 30 min AMRAP”

  1. Kelly

    I’m with you, Kyla! I always say I want to do more yoga and then promptly drop it for other activities. But the past year, I have been focusing on stretching more and it has really helped with tight hips. My back is so much better. So we can keep each other accountable for some yoga in 2014!

  2. Maurizio

    I like this workout.. Unfortunately I do not have a chin up bar, I’m still trying to figure out where I could allocate it :( Hoping to try this routine in few months. My goals for 2014 are more definition and more stretching. Thanks Kyla for sharing Your experience! Take care… Maurizio

  3. Allana

    This was a killer workout in an awesome way :) I managed 6 rounds with 10 right hand snatches…and I used lighter weights. I tried to use a 25 lb KB for the snatches…too heavy for me so I used a 15 lb KB instead..that’s what I had. I didn’t have a 45 lb barbell to use in the squat jumps; used a 25 lb sandbag instead which was intense. I used a doorway pullup bar for the pullups…didn’t have to jump up to reach but did it anyway because pulls are hard for me. I focused on the lowering phase since I struggle with pullups. These were the hardest part of the workout for me and doing them right after belly to floor burpess just left me breathless :)

    I guess you can tell that doing a pullup is a goal of mine (even if it’s just one!) and has been for some time. I know it requires daily practice, and I’ve been told it’s mind over matter..but I struggle with this since I tend to be hard on myself. So I guess I should work on changing my mental attitude and keep going! I take my hat off to you for using heavier weights…and not killing yourself in the process :) Thank you for sharing this workout…it was super hard but so worth it!

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