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Fitness Business Summit – BodyRipped Workout

We attended the Fitness Business Summit and were truly humbled by the distinguished group of people presenting this year. If you haven’t attended the Fitness Business Summit and you are in the Fitness Business, you are missing a seriously powerful event.
The Fitness Business Summit opened with Bedros Keuilian, followed by Sean Francis (The Corporal) and Cabel McElderry (a great guy from Red Deer Alberta…who is killing it by the way!) Jeff Sherman opened the afternoon and then Bedros closed day 1 of the Fitness Business Summit.


Day 2 featured one of our favorite trainers on the planet, Shawna Kaminski and also included wicked presentations by Lorie Kennedy, Josh Carter (the Facebook Advertising Guru) and Mike “Pancakes” Whitfield (Who lost over 105 lbs). The evening was highlighted by a powerful session delivered by Craig Ballantyne which concluded day 2 of the Fitness Business Summit. 
On the last day we were treated to Jeffrey Huling, Frankie the Super Assistant, Lindsay Vastola (who is an incredibly gifted public speaker), Brian Kalakay (this dude has an unmatched level of energy and ability to get stuff done) and concluded with Bedros Keuilian answering anyone’s questions. 
As I stated before, if you haven’t gone to the Fitness Business Summit before, take whatever steps you need to and add this to your calendar. 

4 sets of 15:

Dead lift to upright row
Rest45-60 sec between each

4 sets of 15:
Burpee press up ( or in this case weighted burpee no jump)

2 sets of:
45 sec wall sit/60 second skip/30 sec box jump

4 sets of 30
Weighted pliƩ squat jumps

And collapse:)

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  1. Shawna K

    Great meeting you at Fitness Business Summit, can’t wait to see more of you. Love your blog.

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