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Fit & Focused with Rocket Science

Have you ever seen the movie “Limitless” ?

With super stud Bradley Cooper?


This is how I describe Magnum’s newest Pre Workout ROCKET SCIENCE

It’s funny, I first tried Rocket Science with the Magnum team at the Mr. Olympia last September in Las Vegas, and like the movie within 5 minutes I began to feel something I had never felt before.


I felt as though the outer layer of my body, You know, the one we don’t see but restricts us to our “limits”. It was pulled away and I was free. I’m not joking, this is what I felt. It was physical, and I immediately felt the need to release all this energy. I began doing push ups at a speed that these little lady arms had never pushed before.

I wasn’t fatiguing like usual, and on top of that, I was SO HAPPY !!!

My mood was increased literally within minutes, my energy was through the roof and my focus was so clear. That was the moment I fell in love with Rocket Science.

I came home and told all my clients about it, I couldn’t get enough…. ( watch the movie, you’ll understand, better yet, try Rocket Science:)
This year at the Arnold Classic I overheard our President Markus Kualius explain the new product the exact same way… “Have you seen the movie LIMITLESS”


There are a lot of pre workouts on the market, heck we have a few ourself, with Serum and Opus being our top two.

Everyone is looking for something a little different, maybe you want the muscular pump from the beta alanine and creatine, opting for Serum, or perhaps you don’t want stimulants, great try Opus. But if you want the energy from the caffeine, AND you want mental focus and clarity like nothing you’ve ever experienced… ROCKET SCIENCE it is.


With Dendrobium listed in the Brain Stim ingredients, you are guaranteed the most mental focus and clarity on the market. With 100mg of caffeine in each capsule you are also getting the energy needed for those gruelling workouts. Beta Phenylethylamine is also listed in the brain stim, which gives you the natural “bliss” feeling without any crash.

The combo of brain stim and java shock will have you feeling LIMITLESS with every workout.


Magnum uses ONLY pharmaceutical grade ingredients which sets us apart from other supplements on the market. We LOVE our bodies, we train them HARD, we eat clean and thusly we supplement Clean!


Rocket Science in CLINICALLY PROVEN to :

Increase Energy by 67% !!!!!

Increase Endurance by 65% !!!!

Increase Mental Focus by 22% !!!

Increase Exercise Performance by 13% !!


We all have big goals when it comes to our fitness, and we will take all the help we can get, RIGHT?
Rocket Science promises to provide

Training Intensity, Enhanced Mood and Memory, Energy and Endurance, Strength and stamina and mental focus for those workouts that JUST NEED A BIT MORE UMPH.


Use my Discount Code at check out: Kyla20%Gagnon

On a personal note, My Rocket Science stack goes as follows:
2-3 Rocket Science ( depends on if its leg day or not:)

2 scoop Opus

8 caps DNA

3 caps HEAT accelerated ( shoot or show prep)


Here’s to your training, and here’s to Rocket Science !

~Ky, Team Magnum


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