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Dirty Thirty

July 13,1983

Wednesday approximately 8:30 am in Chemainus, BC Bill and Debbie had a baby girl…..


Thirty years pass, memories stored, lessons learned, mistakes made, moments cherished, dreams dreamt, dreams lived, heart full, heart broken, body   pushed, body broke, skin tattooed, parts pierced, friends made, friends forgotten, cities travelled, beaches ran, oceans swam in, wine drank, food eaten, debts grown, debts paid, life plans made, plans changed…. 30 years have passed.

I am a woman who is completely aware of what a blessed life I live, and if I could help even just one person grow to realize the same my life would be complete.

Let’s get right into today’s training, shall we ?

30 reps of EACH move ( which there are TEN of, giving you a total of 300 REPS)

EEEKKKKKkkkk I hope I make it… ( after all i AM THIRTY now;)


Perform 15 reps of each move as a beginner.

Another option is to split the 30 reps into 2 full rounds of 15…Whatever you opt in for HAVE A BLAST, PUSH HARD!!!


1.Speed Skater Squat


3.Mt Climbers

4.Push ups

5.V ups

6.Split Lunges

7.Mt. Climbers

8.Plank Up Side Hops

9.Side Plank Hip Dip

10.Side Plank Hip Dip



My birthday wish is that you each take a moment RIGHT NOW, look in the mirror, sweaty and all, and VERBALLY (OUT LOUD) point out 10 things that you love about YOU.

They can be anything…Physical, Character you name it, anything.


And if you are really brave….. Share them in the comments of today’s workout, and I’ll do the same.

Have a beautiful day



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  1. kathy

    Sorry I missed this. Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope all your wishes came true and you got spoiled on your day! :D

  2. Randi

    Did this (carefully) with a cast!!! Thanks for keeping me in shape before, during&after my recovery&happy belated birthday!!!

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