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Workouts Of The Day

The Art of the Fisherman

Have you ever gone fishing?           Alone?   I have not, but I would like to, and I think we all should. I was talking with a client last week about things we like to for our own quiet time, self reflection, and escape…Fishing came up. The fisherman is a rare […]

Full Body Workout Things are getting SERIOUS

Full Body Workout Things are getting SERIOUS

“WHAT DID WE DO TO PI$$ KY OFF TODAY”  is what I expect to hear after this full body workout… lol Nothing.. This is all out of the kindness of my heart   BEGINNERS – This is your Workout: 20 Squats 20 Burpees 20 Bulgarian Split Squats – per leg 20 Push Ups 10 Squats […]

Bringing Bodyweight Back

Bringing Bodyweight Back

We have been spending a little more time with weighted workouts over the past month or so and I wanted to bring things back to our roots… BODY WEIGHT TRAINING This is a DO ANYWHERE ANYTIME workout that requires NOTHING!!!! Nothing but your own body.   5 BURPEES 10 WALK OUT PUSH UPS 5 BURPEES […]

Kicking Ass and Taking Names - 30 min AMRAP

Kicking Ass and Taking Names – 30 min AMRAP

Today was our first filming of 2014, and it was my current FAVORITE workout. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU I first did this workout LAST weekend, and … well to be quite honest, almost threw up a few times. HAHAHA No, I was not hung over from the Christmas festivities, it’s just that THAT HARD […]

Workout Routines - Fast Jack

Workout Routines – Fast Jack

Who in their RIGHT mind has never done BURPEES?! Workout Routines without Burpees… whaaat? Okay, so I have this friend, I will leave him nameless to save his utter embarrassment (no it’s not my camera guy)   We were talking about Burpees the other day, and He mentioned that he had never done a burpee. […]

Shawna Kaminski's Challenge Complex Weight Training

Challenge Complexes – Workout

Here’s a great workout from Shawna… For More Workouts Like this see This one is called 6′s and involves 4 – 6 rounds => Enjoy The Video These are amazingly powerful fat burning workouts and are a fantastic change from your normal routine.

Barbell Workout Routines - Lower Half Attack

Barbell Workout Routines – Lower Half Attack

Everybody wants a nicer backside…. It is a universally understood rule among humans. One of the workout routines we did for you today is a barbell workout routine we called the Lower Half Attack.   Training legs is one of MY personal favorite things to do.   There are just so many variations of squats […]


Defining Moments

Defining moments….   Everyone has them.   Not everyone recognizes them.   As the van came to a stop, the six of us stepped over the broken bench seat, sure to have our fresh bottled water nearby as to not overheat in this 33 plus temperature. “It is SO hot” we kept saying…   The […]

Workout Routines - BodyRipped

Workout Routines – BodyRipped

Workin It Out Friday’s are my make shift workout and some of my favorite workout routines….. I plug my headphones in, plan my base moves and just GO. I go until either I run out of time or I am completely exhausted… What you will need for this workout : Squat Rack with Barbell ( […]