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Motivation Monday March 21,2016

For whatever reason I have had my back up against Zumba, for….ever. with no real reason. I admit this is ridiculous and I apologize to those of you who love Zumba. If it helps I had my ass handed to me in a Zumba class Saturday as part of STRONG CAMP ( which, ladies is […]

Motivation Monday, March 7 2016

Do you have a power circle? A group or community of support and inspiration that you can draw energy from? Friends? Family? Training partner? Anybody that you feel excited to be around and learn from? Motivation comes easiest when you are feeling full of possibilities, full of love and full of support. It’s hard to […]

BodyRipped Workout of the Day - The Kitchen Sink with Kyla Gagnon

BodyRipped Workout of the Day – The Kitchen Sink with Kyla Gagnon

Here is a quick workout for you to try. You can do each of the moves for time or’s totally your call. I go through a quick demo of every exercise in the workout during this video. Get after it.

BodyRipped - RKC Plank

BodyRipped – RKC Plank

Add this little bad boy to your training routine… regular planks are for teeny tiny itty bitty, wee little BABIES!! Do this instead.

BodyRipped is Back

BodyRipped is Back

After an 18 month break from the every day…I’m back at it. One of my goals this year is to be where you are…that means online so you can get access wherever you may be and whatever you might be doing. My goal is to help you be the best version of yourself…let’s go!