Ripped Challenges

Shawna Kaminski's Challenge Complex Weight Training

Challenge Complexes – Workout

Here’s a great workout from Shawna… For More Workouts Like this see This one is called 6’s and involves 4 – 6 rounds => Enjoy The Video These are amazingly powerful fat burning workouts and are a fantastic change from your normal routine.


FITNESS CHALLENGE #23: Last for a while…… RIPPED NATION… this is when you dig DEEP!! Scroll through the past 22 challenges, and pick your TOP THREE A killer example would be: Challenge #4 – 300 reps Challenge # 9- 100 BURPEES Challenge #18 – 10 minute AB BLAST Let me know YOUR choices… and how […]

Kyla’s Fitness Challenge #22 ~ Calf Raises

Fitness Challenge #22: Grab a set of weight…. Or not Stand straight with toes straight forward, Perform 10 calf raises Stand toes inward, perform 10 Stand toes outward, perform 10 Continue on until you reach 100

Kyla’s Fitness Challenge #22 ~ 300 Rep Challenge

FITNESS CHALLENGE #22: Today I will be rocking these out with my INCREDIBLE boot camp class…. 25 of EACH 3 rounds through!!! BURPEES TUCK JUMPS BUNNY HOP PUSH UPS SIT UPS My LAST fitness challenge will be FRIDAY the 20th……. After that it’s up to YOU to follow along these challenges and the WOD’s until […]

Kyla’s Fitness Challenge #21 ~ tech break and MERMAIDS

Fitness Challenge #21: Today is SUNDAY…. the perfect day to rest from the crazy world of TECHNOLOGY!!! Try to avoid computers, televisions. phones etc…. just enjoy life as it is…. For a bit of a physical challenge: 50 MERMAID ABS per side πŸ™‚

Kyla’s Fitness Challenge #18 ~ Six Pack

Fitness Challenge #18:   10 minutes timed AB BLASTER Set your timer for 10 rounds of 50 / 10 Chose your TEN core moves OR use MINE: Stability Ball Extended Reverse Crunch Stability Ball Leg Drop Stability Ball V up Wood Choppers Reverse Obblique Crunch Plank Mermaid Abs (L) Mermaid Abs (R) Double Crunch Plank […]

Kyla’s RIPPED Fitness Challenge #17 ~ Man Makers

Fitness Challenge #17:   MAN MAKERS!! Today’s challenge is for the ladies JUST as much as the men…so NO SLACKING!! πŸ™‚ 30 MAN MAKERS Never heard of it??? I bet you have…… Think Burpee Push up Press up… with MAD weights and High intensity 1-Β Grab your weights in both hands 2-Drop down into your Push […]

Kyla’s RIPPED Fitness Challenge #16 ~Squat

Fitness Challenge #16: Today we are Squatting….. SINGLE LEG that is…… Standing on your right leg, keeping a nice flat back, tight core, squat as low as you can, reaching finger tips to the floor each rep. 50 per leg!!! ~KY