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Eat It. Watch It. Skip It

Open any fridge in North America and you will likely find what looks like a million condiment jars lining the door and framing the back of the top shelf. My room-mate and I ( well mostly her…;) have a bad habit of buying a jar of salsa, or pesto, or mustard or any other form […]


Defining Moments

Defining moments….   Everyone has them.   Not everyone recognizes them.   As the van came to a stop, the six of us stepped over the broken bench seat, sure to have our fresh bottled water nearby as to not overheat in this 33 plus temperature. “It is SO hot” we kept saying…   The […]


It’s a VERY common topic of discussion, and often a point of argument. The old saying “You are what you eat” holds true, like it or not. As a trainer and boot camp coach it often blows my mind with how many people are paying big bucks to train with a professional SO THAT they […]


Summer vacation – How I stay on track ( with wine)

Did I get your attention with the wine?? What is considered clean eating? What is thought of as strict or even soemtimes too strict? What is over training? What is slacking?   I live a life that I am blessed to say I LOVE. I ADORE my life, I wouldn’t dream of it any other […]

You WISH you were a 30 year old woman ;)

There are milestones in life that they say, change you.   Moments when you “become a Woman, or become a Man”   One of these great milestone moments they speak of, and I believe is mostly geared for women, is turning 30.   Well I am days away from this milestone and I am expecting […]

Comfort zone gone

Stepping out of My comfort zone

CONFESSION MOMENT: I have a fear of doing things I am not good at, or things that I have no experience in. I think I hold this fear because growing up as an only child , I had nobody to bully me into doing “scary” things. My parents were super chill and never forced me […]


Shakeweights?? Really??

Okay… enough is enough… SERIOUS! I take my profession very seriously, and to be totally honest am offended when the random dude off the street decides it sounds cool to say “I’m a personal trainer” and gets a cheap weekend certification, and the next thing you know, He’s training clients in my gym ( ok […]

Your Glute Ham Tie - Oh So Sexy

Your Glute Ham Tie – Oh So Sexy

That connection where the line of your well developed ham string connects to your glute and displays your hard earned curves. It can be challenging to create definition in this area but we have found an expert to write this article and give us a great workout routine for us so we can develop these […]

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                When there is money, people will spend it. When there is food, people will eat it. When there is light, people will go to it. When times are rough, (most) people will turn to sadness and self pity. “Why does this always happen to Me” “When am […]

BodyRipped Manifesting Your Reality

BodyRipped Manifesting Your Reality

Well, can I be excited that one of my pics was used in the latest edition of Muscle and Fitness, haha No Big Deal right? I’m pumped and thanks to the ISSA for selecting it. Now… I recently read an article written by the lovely and bloody intelligent Gabrielle Bernstein, motivational speaker, author and founder […]