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Motivation Monday March 21,2016

For whatever reason I have had my back up against Zumba, for….ever. with no real reason. I admit this is ridiculous and I apologize to those of you who love Zumba. If it helps I had my ass handed to me in a Zumba class Saturday as part of STRONG CAMP ( which, ladies is […]

Motivation Monday March14,2016

Motivation Monday March14,2016

How much sleep are you getting a night? Much like water is essential for our body’s to function at even a base level, let alone an advanced or elite level, SLEEP is among the top three tools in reaching higher levels of health, happiness and success. The dream number for MAJORITY of society is 7 […]

Motivation Monday, March 7 2016

Do you have a power circle? A group or community of support and inspiration that you can draw energy from? Friends? Family? Training partner? Anybody that you feel excited to be around and learn from? Motivation comes easiest when you are feeling full of possibilities, full of love and full of support. It’s hard to […]

The Art of the Fisherman

Have you ever gone fishing?           Alone?   I have not, but I would like to, and I think we all should. I was talking with a client last week about things we like to for our own quiet time, self reflection, and escape…Fishing came up. The fisherman is a rare […]

Fit & Focused with Rocket Science

Have you ever seen the movie “Limitless” ? With super stud Bradley Cooper?   This is how I describe Magnum’s newest Pre Workout ROCKET SCIENCE It’s funny, I first tried Rocket Science with the Magnum team at the Mr. Olympia last September in Las Vegas, and like the movie within 5 minutes I began to […]

Muscle Maintenace – DO YOU??

When was the last time you checked the oil in your car? I’ll admit it, I often forget to check mine, and my Dad will always get on my case about it…LOL   I am NOT here to get on your case, rather to help educate you on something EQUALLY important, I call it MUSCLE […]

Quit focusing on your 10%

Quit focusing on your 10%

I was having a conversation with a client last week about an upcoming date she had with her mom. They were going for “high tea” on the weekend and she was feeling preemptively nervous about the food they would be serving. Do you know what High Tea is?? It’s a very ENGLISH thing, with small bites […]