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Workout Routines - The Quick Fix - 6,12,18 or 24 minutes

Workout Routines – The Quick Fix – 6,12,18 or 24 minutes

Hey Ripped Nation, Today we shot a wicked fast paced workout for you – I used one 20 lb DB (dumb bell) and a Treadmill ( if you do not have a treadmill you will sprint on the spot) Timers are set for 1:00 intervals with NO rest if you can ( if you must, […]

Best Home Workouts - By BodyRipped

Best Home Workouts – By BodyRipped

This is one of our 12 minute bodyweight home workouts. You need NOTHING but yourself… ( and a timer ) Timer set for 50 and 10 for 12 rounds Repeat the FULL workout before repeating second and third round. 1- 10 Speed Skaters/10 High Knees / 10 Mt Climbers 2- Forward Backward Lunge Split Lunge […]

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Bodyweight exercises ab workout with BodyRipped

BodyRipped Circuis Abs

January is over and we are moving quickly through February… I cannot believe it . Have you all stuck to your goals and new intentions?   I am proud to say that I have, with still a lack in my yoga practice…. I can always do MORE YOGA.   Today we rocked out some ABS….. […]

Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout

This past year has been a busy travel year for me, starting with Italy, Penticton, Las Vegas, Hawaii, LA and now home from San Fransisco. PHEWWWWWWWW   I ensure you I don’t know who I think I am living like that LOL, but what I DO know is that staying on a fitness regime is […]

I will if You will - BodyRipped

I will if You will – BodyRipped

It’s the end of the week… for me, maybe not for you…. I wanted a workout that burned and challenged me without killing me today , and what we came up with was actually just PERFECT!! This is a 15 minute workout and all you need is a skipping rope and your timer……  Conveniently found […]

Santas Little Helper - BODYRIPPED Xmas

Santas Little Helper – BODYRIPPED Xmas

It’s the Christmas Season…….. Personally…. I love Christmas :)  I know not everybody celebrates this holiday, and for those of you who do not, May you have just the best week ever!!!!!! Enjoy the moments for just what they are…. MOMENTS… Magical moments!!!!   I took full advantage of having a house to MYSELF this […]



Waking up early on a weekend morning to listen to a storm and sneak in an 18 minute workout…. This is sounding good to Me:):)   There are times when that alarm clock buzzes and we want nothing more than to throw it out the window and go back to sleep…. Am I right????   […]

Living Room Lover

Living Room Lover

12 minutes BODYWEIGHT ONLY It’s another beautiful Fall day in Victoria ( however not beautiful enough to film outside…. and the studio is in use…. So welcome again to my living room) Life can get busy, I get it, and sometimes a trip to the gym isn’t in the books, THAT’S OK .  Some of […]