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BodyRipped Workout Routines

Helllloooo Ripped Nation. Who loves workout routines that are quick and dirty. I mean literally in this case and you will see it in the video of this session.
If you hang with me to the end of it you will also find out that I might have been having…well let’s just say an interesting day due to my sore throat! Haha watch the video and I will apologize up front here but this is one of those workout routines you will love, I promise.
It’s also going to kick your butt.

Set your timers for 20/10 – 8 Rounds

Your two exercises are Burpees and Weighted Squat Jumps – which will crank your metabolism when it’s all said and done, am I right?! Yes…

I’ve been telling you that these workout routines activate the Xcelerate Effect which keeps your metabolism firing long after you are done training. Why wouldn’t you do these workout routines.

Let me know how you make out on this one.

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