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Barbell Workout Routines – Lower Half Attack

Everybody wants a nicer backside…. It is a universally understood rule among humans. One of the workout routines we did for you today is a barbell workout routine we called the Lower Half Attack.


Training legs is one of MY personal favorite things to do.


There are just so many variations of squats and lunges, you will never be bored with a leg workout!!!


**NOTE: This workout is NOT for beginners

This workout is only TWO moves.

Two of the most important lower body movements.



Here is the breakdown -

16 Squats / 16 Dead Lift

12 Squats / 12 Dead Lift

8 Squats / 8 Dead Lift

4 Squats / 4 Dead Lift

You will be increasing your weights with each new set.

Keep your form as number one priority - NEVER sacrifice your form for a weight that you CAN NOT LIFT


Train Hard, Live Large, Smile ~xo Ky

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  1. Annette Eliza

    This looks awesome!! But what if I don’t have a barbell? What can I use instead to increase weights? New here!!!

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