Hey team,

Before I go into the every exciting details as to HOW BodyRipped was born I want to sincerely Thank you for popping by and joining in on my Ripped Nation!

Together we will achieve GREATNESS within ourselves…

My name is Kyla Gagnon and I run a personal training company

(Inside Out Fitness) in the most beautiful city in Western British Columbia, Victoria.

I am so madly in love with my career, working with people daily and helping to make a positive difference in their lives brings me TOTAL joy.

BodyRipped is an avenue in which I am able to do the same, but with a whole new face EVERYDAY!

YOU, my Ripped Nation are what it’s all about!!

YOU are why I wake up.. (OK, I have two pretty awesome doggies too;)


YES, there a multiple online sites offering great workouts and recipes, I enjoy them just as much as You, but……

BodyRipped is different in that we are taking you

Indoors, Outdoors, Hotels, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Patios, Airports, you name it, we’ll train there!

I will meet you in the kitchen, and show you really HOW EASY it can be to eat a fulfilling healthy nutritional plan.

I will guide you to making the best choices while dining out, how to make use of your hotel room, you ask, I’ll teach.

I will kick back and just Chat about life, and what gets tough…..

I will join together with YOU, as THE Ripped Nation and we will change our bodies, minds and lives Together…

One workout at a time…

I am Kyla Gagnon

and We are The Ripped Nation


13 responses to “About”

  1. ayelet saar

    hi kyla.

    I had been registered to the site at the very first days of its getting on air.
    except one time, i dont get any messages to my mail when you put a new workout on the site.
    Why is that?
    Can you fix it??

    your workouts are excellent & good for me. i realy enjoying doing it.
    keep on doing the good work!!!

    yours ayelet

    1. Kyla

      Ayelet, Thank you for the feedback, I will get right on this:) Stay connected my dear, new workouts are coming soon!!!!

  2. Mrs.PG

    Love the WOD, but am having trouble with the APP. I have no volume on any video, so I am following just visually. Any ideas? Btw, I have volume on the regular site. Thanks

  3. Ric

    Hello Kyla

    Found you on google today, kinda like you, I will follow your get ripped method see if I can stick to you. Great work, cheer.


    1. Kyla

      Ric, WELCOME, Im glad you found Me 🙂 Please keep me posted on your progress and stay in touch!!! ~Ky

  4. Jodie Cochrane

    So today my hubby flew into Victoria.
    As i sat down to have breakfast with my girls, in my mind
    I was thinking of what to do today for my workout!
    it made me think of you ( because of robert being in vic)
    lol! i googles you, and found you!
    And I’m totally pumped to start following your workouts .

  5. Jodie Cochrane

    So the downfall of writing from your phone sometimes you hit buttons lol!
    If it went through , it wasn’t finished and probably made no sense!
    If it didn’t you may be confused!
    (It’s Jodie , your coffee shop gal from Duncan many years ago)

    I was trying to figure what workout to do today. And with my hubby being in Vic,
    Made me think of you. when i was on facebook a couple years ago, you were doing really well for yourself with your fitness/training .
    So I googled and found you!
    You look incredible, you are amazing and a total inspiration!
    I wish I lived there so you could kick my a$$!
    But you’ll have to so via Internet 😉

    1. Kyla

      Jodes….. LOVE how are you??? So good to hear from you. I would love to connect if you guys make it to Vic again:) xoxoxoox

  6. Todd Kuslikis

    Hi Kyla,

    Just found your site and loving the resources. I am a huge body weight exercise fanatic so appreciate all the work you put into spreading the fitness lifestyle.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Kyla

      Todd, WELCOME!!! I am very happy to have you a part of the Ripped Nation, I look forward to chatting:)

  7. William Scholder

    I found out about your program from Tyler the Garrage Warrior. Even though I have many other programs, I decided to try yours. I still have a lot of material to cover but I like what I see so far. You provide a great deal of information for a very reasonable price. I have learned many things already.

    1. Kyla

      William, this is awesome!!! WELCOME:) Please stay in contact, let me know what you like, don’t like and what you are looking for…. have a wicked day, TRAIN HARD. DRINK WATER

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